Saleri Aftermarket S.p.A. is an Italian trading company part of the Saleri Group, OEM supplier of Thermal Management systems, dedicated to the Independent Aftermarket (IAM). The company offers a specific range of Aftermarket products including: water pumps, timing belt kits with and without water pump, poly-V belt kits, timing chain kits, wheel bearing kits, tensioners, overrunning pulleys and crankshaft pulleys.

An historic brand-new company

In 2021, the Saleri Group acquires C.D.C. S.r.l., an Italian auto parts company operating in the Aftermarket industry. Saleri Aftermarket S.p.A. was born: a new company, focused on the Independent Aftermarket, able to offer decades of experience in the sector, new product categories and a high level of service.
The historical brand-new company was born with already 80 years of experience in the Aftermarket as a water pumps manufacturer for cooling systems, confirmed by partnerships with major international Groups and European distributors. Leveraging on the market know-how, the flexibility and efficiency of C.D.C. and the consolidated international supply chain, the new Saleri Group Business Unit will be focused on the specific needs of Aftermarket customers also through a scalable logistic platform. Saleri Aftermarket S.p.A. is based in Sesto Fiorentino (FI) and offers more than 7,000 products that travel aboard millions of vehicles worldwide.

More than "OEM equivalent part", we are the OEM part: the Saleri Group

Saleri Aftermarket draws on the Saleri Group’s proven experience as an original equipment supplier. Saleri has developed, for the world’s leading carmakers, increasingly advanced cooling control systems in line with the market’s growing demands, aiming for the highest performance and environmental protection.

The water pump plays a crucial role in ensuring maximum functionality and best performance for the vehicle. Therefore, a quality product exactly like the original is essential.

What we do


More than “OEM equivalent part” we are the OEM part. SIL handles the whole productive cycle inhouse directly: from design to production, to meticulous quality controls. Saleri is Original Equipment: Saleri water pumps fit on the world’s leading carmakers vehicles.


In order to achieve products and services best performances, Saleri Group invested in its team professionalism and the evolution of the manufacturing process. Our plants are equipped with highly automated production and assembly lines.

Complete Range

A real wide products offer, in addition to water pumps for cooling systems, that includes 7 further categories of auto parts, with more than 7000 products at catalogue.


With a logistics platform of over 5000sqm, we fulfil orders quickly, handle urgent just-in-time requests, and our customer service is ready to promptly support customers’ requests.

Technical Assistance

New generation vehicles require an increasingly technical and maintenance complexity: by choosing a partner like Saleri, you can anticipate market developments and secure reliable expertise.

Quality Assurance

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